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Sustainable Interior Design for the 21st Century

Creating a home you'll love, that works for your life, is about more than creating a shopping list of new stuff to buy. For too long the interior design industry has revolved around trends and encouraging people to change their homes for change's sake.

I'm Jeanette Mercer, Interior Designer at Fresh Traditions. I believe your home should reflect the people who live there, what makes you happy and what's important to you. That's why I created the Design Coach service - using my professional expertise to help you create the home that's right for you.

With a focus on sustainability, practicality and creativity, there's no pressure to buy 'stuff' for the sake of it, we can incorporate what you already own. Simple transparent pricing means you only pay for what you need. Sustainable interior design isn't about doing without or not updating your home - it's about making better choices. Find out more...

Jeanette Mercer Interior Designer Fresh Traditions
Jeanette Mercer, Sustainable Interior Designer

Fabric & Wallpaper Design

Fresh Made - creative, customisable designs

Have you ever found a fabric you loved and taken home a sample, only to realise it wouldn't work with your existing furnishings or decor? Or seen a pattern you'd like on a larger or smaller scale, or as a wallpaper?

It's frustrating to have to compromise, yet wasteful to replace furnishings purely to match new items. Which is why we're delighted to offer a solution!

Inspired by nature, sustainably printed just for you.... welcome to Fresh Made Designs

I hope you'll love my new collection of prints as much as I enjoyed designing them. And if a little 'tweak' would make one of them work even better in your home, let's talk.

Find out more...

Cornflower Spring Fabric and variations
Cow Parsley

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