Bespoke Pattern Design Service

Do you have a favourite flower or plant that you'd love to have as fabric, wallpaper or accessories in your home?

Do you have a colour scheme in mind, but just can't find fabric you love?

Then perhaps our Bespoke Pattern Design Service is for you...

How does it work?

It starts with a conversation - about what you're looking for, your favourite plants and flowers and the style of the room it is meant for.

Like any artist, I have my own style of drawing and painting. I'm not a traditional botanical artist, my creations are more impressionistic than realistic depictions, but you can probably tell from our pattern collections whether the style appeals to you.

Once we've agreed the subject matter and a colour scheme I will do some initial sketches and we take it from there. We can make adjustments to colour, scale and other elements of the design. When you are happy with the draft design I will order samples to check you'll be happy with the finished fabric or wallpaper.


How much does it cost?

This depends on two things and for this reason we offer two options. The first element is my time - a complex pattern of plants I've never drawn before is likely to take me longer than a simple pattern of flowers I draw regularly.

I will give you a quotation when we discuss your requirements so you know up front how much it will cost.

The second element is whether you would like exclusive use of the design going forward. I would like to add any designs created in this way to my portfolio and make them available for sale. If you are happy with this you will have the pleasure of a fabric created specially for you at a reasonable cost.

If you would prefer to have exclusive use of the fabric design, this can be arranged for an additional one off fee. The actual copyright of the design would remain with me. I may re-use sketches of leaves or flowers in a different way, but we would agree that the particular finished design - in terms of colour palette and pattern layout - would be for your sole use.

Prices for pattern design start from £300. Fabric is then charged by the metre, wallpaper may be charged by the roll or by square metre, but this would be discussed before ordering.

As a guideline organic cotton half Panama (suitable for curtains, blinds, cushions etc) is £50 per metre. Other fabric types such as velvet and chenille are available, we can obtain a price of these on request.

For a free chat about your project phone 07866 427557 or fill in the contact form

Cornflower Spring Fabric and variations