Spring Refresh – hold that tester pot, read this first!

Colour palette

Sustainable Change It’s that time of year – when colour charts and tester pots pop into our lives like spring bulbs and our Instagram / Pinterest feeds are filling up with ‘fresh new kitchen ideas’ and the like. It’s also when DIY stores and garden centres typically report their biggest profits as our urge for…

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A Stress-free Guest Room this Christmas

Guest room

The perfect guest room Are you having guests to stay this Christmas? Here are a few tips for creating or preparing a guest room, in a sustainable way whilst keeping your stress levels down! There’s something about Christmas that brings out the perfectionist in many of us, coupled with an urge to finish things. Having…

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The grey sweater – towards a more sustainable home

De-cluttering clothes

The Seasonal Switch At the weekend I undertook my twice annual clothes switch, or review and de-clutter. Somewhere in late spring and early autumn each year I remove all the most seasonal items from my wardrobe for the season just gone and do some de-cluttering. I am trying to buy fewer clothes to be more…

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Lessons from an Old House


My husband and I fell in love with an Edwardian house 18 years ago. It was built over 100 years ago – like about 20% of the UK’s housing stock. In fact less that 18% of the UK’s homes were actually built after 1990, so there are a lot of older houses around. Over the…

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How does your home smell?

A very personal question, well yes – but judging by TV adverts and the pages of glossy magazine ads devoted to the matter, it’s a subject homeowners are concerned about…. Or is it?  Have we simply been brainwashed by years of advertising into a belief that our homes must be filled with a pleasing floral…

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