Children’s Rooms

Interior Designer Childrens Bedroom

Children’s rooms

In an ideal world your child will sleep soundly, play happily and study effectively. Having a carefully designed room can help with all of these. We create individual, flexible spaces that adapt as your child grows and changes.

The main difference between a child’s room and an adult’s bedroom, is the speed at which the child changes. In five years you may be ready for a new colour scheme, perhaps to replace some furnishings, but the difference between the needs of a 2 year old and those of a 7 year old go much further.

Sustainability is an important part of all our designs and in children’s rooms this means thinking ahead to minimise waste, environmentally friendly materials…. and a lot of fun!


Fresh Traditions Childrens Bedroom Horsham Before

This room was full of so many things it was difficult to see where this 11 year old could sleep or play.

Fresh Traditions Childrens Bedroom Horsham After

A soft new colour scheme and a major de-clutter helped maximise space.

Interior Design Childrens Rooms Brighton

The existing furniture was re-used and the room re-arranged to create space to sleep, study and play.



This young girl said her room always felt too hot. It’s a south-facing room and the bright clashing colours weren’t helping.

Interior Design Childrens Rooms Guildford

Sparkly curtains helped disguise the big ceiling beam. They close to divide this long room and create a ‘den’. A smart new laminate floor replaced the worn carpet.

Interior Design Colour Horsham After

Pretty, coordinated linens and accessories finish off the room.

Growing Up

Interior Design Teenager Room Sussex

This teenager had outgrown the room that had suited her when she was younger and there wasn’t enough space to store her things.

Interior Design Teenager Room Brighton

The old desk just wasn’t big enough for the demands of a teenager’s school work (and hobbies).

Interior Design Teenager Room Henfield

A new day bed provides a more grown up look, and the change of bed position makes it much easier to open the wardrobe and put clothes away.

Interior Design Teenager Room Horsham

The new desk provides a neat solution with more storage and we added a useful pinboard for notes and memories.

Games room for older teens

Of course you’ll always want to do things as a family, but for older children, having a space where they can chill and hang out with friends can be great for family harmony. Our designer, Jeanette, has lots of experience of dealing with young people and listens to their ideas to create a design that meets everyone’s needs.

In this spacious loft in a new build, the three older teenage boys wanted a city skyline and big squashy sofas to lounge on while gaming. Can you spot the hidden door in that wall? (it leads to a convenient en-suite).