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Need help with colour?

If so, you’re not alone! Lots of people are unsure when it comes to using colour in their homes.

‘I loved the colour of this paint, but I just can’t find curtains to match…’

‘This room always feels dingy and cold, even on a sunny day.’

‘I like my rooms individually, but they don’t sort of work together…’

Any of these sound familiar? They do to us. How to put colours together must be one of the most popular things people ask us about. Creating successful colour schemes isn’t magic, but it is a skill.

We’re happy to share our expertise and show you how to make colour work in your home.

One of the easiest ways to waste time and money when doing up your home, is by painting walls the wrong colour. You stand in the DIY store looking at the cans, there’s one that looks OK, it’s a good brand, and maybe there’s even 10% off today – excellent. You take it home, put it on the walls, put everything else in the room……and something’s just not quite right. Those white kitchen cabinets suddenly look dingy and grey, that new green sofa somehow isn’t the colour you thought, the old curtains that seemed fine look shabby now…

It isn’t the kitchen units or sofa or curtains that are at fault – it’s the wrong paint colour.

Paint is available in literally millions of colours. If there isn’t one on the shelf that suits, a colour can be mixed. Where so many people go wrong is by choosing the paint first.

Interior Design Colour Horsham

After being asked several times to find fabric to go with walls that had just been painted, I came up with this little mantra : Always think  “Fabric or Furniture First!” Your sofa or curtains will cost a lot more than a couple of cans of paint and come in a limited selection of colours when compared to the millions of paint colours out there. It makes sense to choose the bigger, more expensive things first.”

Jeanette Mercer
Interior Designer

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