Cornflower Spring

Cornflower Spring was the first floral design I launched, so I thought it would be fun to explain how it came about.

I've always loved cornflowers - I actually had them in my wedding bouquet. So when we moved to Sussex in September 2004, I was delighted during the following late spring, to discover them popping up all through the borders of the our garden!

Over the years I've often sketched and painted them - to me they're a perfect blend of vibrant colour and fascinating shape. So when I started to think about a flower to base a fabric around, it wasn't a difficult choice.

I created a palette of colours from my sketches of the flower heads and used that for the textured background and the co-ordinating 'Cornflower Silhouette' fabric - shown right in Indigo and Cream.

And here lies the beauty of 'print-on-demand'...Instead of having to choose one or two colour versions of the coordinating fabric to stock, clients can choose from any of the 6  palette colour ways below. Or we can even 'tweak' the background colour to match an existing paint scheme or piece of furniture!


Cornflower Spring Fabric and variations

Fabric now available to buy

Cornflower Spring is now available to buy, exclusively from Fresh Traditions!

The fabric shown here is printed on organic cotton half panama, which is suitable for cushions, curtains and blinds (not upholstery).

Price £50 per metre.

As it is printed on demand, we are able to supply it as other types of fabric if needed.

For any enquiries, including help to work out quantities you may need, or suitability of the fabric for your project, please email us: 

Cornflower Spring

The day the samples arrived from the printer, shown next to a page of my sketches.

The Design Process

Cornflower sketch

From simple watercolour sketches...

Cornflower Spring palette

Using one of the flowers to create the colour palette

Cornflower Spring chair cushion

The finished fabric in use as a cushion on an up-cycled chair.

Cornflower Spring bookcase

I also had the design printed on paper to use on up-cycled furniture.