Focus on Design

At Fresh Traditions we focus on design itself - rather than trying to be a ‘one stop shop’ for everything to do with home renovation and redecoration.

When project management and design are combined in the same person, it’s so easy for the project management side of things to take over.  Like many business people, the global pandemic gave me time to reflect - on how I want to run the business and what I want to offer. So I decided to come back to what I love and why I became an interior designer in the first place - to help people create beautiful, well functioning designs that work for their space and their life.

If you have a large project, and don’t have the time or feel comfortable with organising everything yourself, you may wish to appoint a project manager. I’m happy to work with other professionals and can help you decide early on what kind of team you need. It doesn’t have to be more expensive or more complicated - in fact having individuals focus on their speciality rather than constantly multi-tasking can actually be more efficient!

Jeanette Mercer Design Coach

Our Services

Interior Design for Your Home

Space planning, layout, colour, style, soft furnishings, reusing or buying new, where to spend and where to save - there are so many decisions in even a modest interiors project. That's why we created our Design Coach service!

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Creating a more Sustainable Home

Sustainability is not just a trend - it's crucial to the future of our planet. It's also a journey, and whether you're just starting out, or part way there, our Sustainable Home Toolkit can help you analyse what's next.

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Guest Accommodation Design

Whether it's an apartment or villa by the sea, a country cottage or a small boutique hotel, designing accommodation for guests takes a special combination of skills and an understanding of priorities.

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