Fresh Traditions Downsizing Horsham

Downsizing – not downgrading

There are many reasons to downsize – whether it’s about not needing so much space,  freeing up capital, or just leading a simpler life.
If you have already moved to a smaller property and tried to cram your belongings into a lot less space, you’ll know that doesn’t really work…
Let us help you turn your downsizing into an upgrade!

Affordable help

We can provide affordable advice to create your new ideal home. That could involve working out:

  • how to use your space effectively
  • how to choose what to keep and what to dispose of
  • how to integrate new technology
  • how to deal with changing mobility needs

Room for visitors

Students home for holidays or grandchildren visiting? We can create carefully designed, multi-purpose rooms that welcome them and make their stay with you special – and work for you when they’ve gone.

Re-use, re-cycle, re-think

Our solutions are not just about throwing out the old and buying new. Sustainability is a key part of our designs and we actively encourage clients to re-use, repair and recycle. If you’d like to find ways of making money from your excess belongings we can help with that too.

Treat yourself!

Worked hard, raised a family and now they’re all off leading their own lives? Treat yourself – you deserve it!
Whether it’s the perfect bath, ideal kitchen, room for a hobby or a home office, we can help you create the spaces you’ve dreamed about while you were busy looking after everyone else.

Interior Design - Downsizing