Fabric Personalisation Service

Have you ever found a fabric that was almost right - just not quite there? Perhaps the pattern was perfect but the main background colour just didn't quite work with existing furniture or decoration. Perhaps you would have liked the pattern on a larger (or smaller) scale, or on wallpaper instead of fabric...

It's really frustrating and can be the cause of unwanted delays or waste. The room that isn't finished because you can't find curtain fabric that goes with the sofa, the walls that end up being re-painted unnecessarily because it's the only way to make the scheme work.

Well now there's an alternative - Fresh Made pattern designs can be personalised!


The 'tweak' that makes it work

As I design the Fresh Made fabric collections myself I am able to adjust their colours and scale. And providing I agree what you would like will work (no neon pink 'Floral Fox'!) - I'm happy to 'tweak' a design so it suits your home. This is part of my commitment to helping clients create sustainable, individual homes and avoiding waste.

The cost will depend on how much work is involved, and whether I need to visit your home or premises, but for simple changes prices start at just £40 plus the cost of any samples.

To discuss your ideas do get in touch and please include the best times to contact you. Contact us

Colour palette

Here's an example to show you what we mean...

Let's say you really like our Echinacea design and would like some cushions or blinds in it. But you have a green sofa, and the green of our design is just not quite the right green for your sofa.

Echinacea website

I adjust the background green to coordinate with your sofa. It's a simple change so there's just a small charge. I order samples so we can check you're happy with the result.

Echinacea website 3

Or maybe you would like to see the same design as wallpaper on a larger scale with slightly fewer flowers?
There are so many possibilities!

Echinacea wallpaper test

(The samples above are examples of design, not actual fabric and are copyright  of Jeanette Mercer, Fresh Traditions Ltd.)