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“Answering complaints and dealing with angry holidaymakers wasn’t much fun! But it taught me a lot. I inspected many properties, from basic budget accommodation to high end luxury chalets and hotels. And I learned the details that matter most to people staying in guest accommodation.” Jeanette Mercer

Small Hotels and B & B’s

You don’t need us to tell you that running a B & B or small hotel has never been so competitive. In recent years TV makeover shows have made viewers more aware of interior design than ever before. Shows like the “The Hotel Inspector” make compulsive viewing and are raising awareness of the standards to expect in even the simplest establishment.

With more and more people turning to the Internet as their first source of information, online reviews and social media comments have become crucial to a hotel’s success…or failure. All in all, customers are getting more demanding and expecting more for their money.

Our interior designer, Jeanette Mercer, has a blend of experience and skills that are – well unique is a much over-used word, so let’s just say rare in the design industry. In addition to being a qualified interior designer and undergoing a range of training with House Doctor in the specialised skills of staging property, Jeanette spent a number of years working in the travel industry. As part of her ‘quality control’ role with a major tour operator she inspected holiday properties and dealt with customer relations.

We provide a full range of design and makeover services for the owners of bed and breakfasts, pubs with rooms and boutique hotels. Creating good guest accommodation involves putting yourself in the shoes of the hotel guest and really thinking about their needs – practical as well as aesthetic.

Jeanette’s extensive training to become a House Doctor Consultant also provided skills that are essential to working in guest accommodation, including:

  • Achieving stylish results on strict budgets
  • Creating (or adapting) colour schemes and styles to appeal to as many visitors as possible
  • Making the most of room dimensions and architectural features
  • Understanding what makes great photos that will sell your rooms.
Interior Design Horsham - Guest Accommodation

“House Doctor Consultants are trained to look at return on investment when decorating rooms in properties for sale or rental. It’s a business-like approach to design. It’s about spending the right amount – neither too much nor too little – to achieve the desired result and appeal to the appropriate target audience.” Jeanette Mercer

Interior Design Guildford Guest Accommodation


Our services are tailor-made to suit your needs, your budget and your property. Whether your rooms need simply refreshing or completely re-designing, we have a service to suit.

We can work out costs on a room by room basis so you can directly relate what you spend to the revenue each room generates.

To discuss your needs and arrange an initial consultation call us now.