Home for an Enthusiast

This page was difficult to find a title for. What do you call what you do when you're not working? A hobby, a pastime, a craft - or is your work your passion? Do you practice yoga, work out at home or play a musical instrument? Do you collect something or are you a keen crafter or artist?

All these things make us individuals, and our homes should reflect our individuality.

Wherever your enthusiasm lies, perhaps it needs storage or simply space to practice. You'll certainly do the things you love more often and more easily if they're an integrated part of your home not an afterthought.

Here is the story of one homeowner's quest to incorporate their much loved pastime into their home.

Model soldier storage

The property is a very large apartment on the two upper floors of an older property. The loft area was being used by the client as a bedroom but it was a large area for the furniture he had, and it felt like quite a lot of floor space was under used.

Loft bedroom before

Off the main room was this low ceilinged area with potential, but slightly awkward access to it.

Loft area before

And above the large ensuite bathroom, was this very unusual - and totally inaccessible - mezzanine area!

The client is a keen wargamer, often inviting friends around to play and has a significant collection of military models and modelling materials, which were then housed in a lovely room on the lower floor - lovely, but with much less space than the loft area.
After careful discussion he agreed to the idea of swapping bedroom and wargaming area.

Unused mezzanine space
Gaming table 1

A bespoke table with handy storage below now inhabits the space where the bed was. It is carefully lit to avoid shadows - the models in question are very tiny. This is the main table, but the room fits two other fold away tables when there are more players.


Loft seating area

The wall between the main space and lower area was removed, creating a much more useable space. It wasn't structurally possible to remove the boxed in area, so we used it as the base of a single sofa bed.

Maximising space

The ensuite bathroom wall was moved and a small built in cupboard removed, leaving exactly the right spaces for the client's two sets of model storage drawers.

A sturdy moveable ladder offers access to that mezzanine, which now houses a painting table, washbasin and modelling supplies.

Modelling mezzanine
Modelling mezzanine 2
Loft area after

On the lower floor the old war-games room and adjoining bathroom has been turned into a stylish bedroom and ensuite.

Large ensuite shower room
Ensuite 1

A generous book collection meant there were four bookcases around the living room. Bespoke built in shelving makes great use of the high ceiling and alcoves either side of the chimney.

Living room before
Living room after