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Home for Sale?

Home staging (or ‘property styling’ as it’s sometimes called) is a process that can help you sell your home quickly for the best price.

Our Design Consultant, Jeanette Mercer, is a House Doctor Consultant. She has been fully trained in professional staging techniques, to make the best of your home.

A house will be the most valuable material asset most of us ever possess – why take risks with its value?

Why do I need my home staged to sell it?

Most of us look at our own homes and see memories of good times and proof of our busy lives. Sadly that’s not always what the buyer sees. As people view a house for sale they are making a mental list of positives and negatives. Each time a buyer sees a “problem” or bit of work that needs doing, that’s another entry in the list of negatives. Too many may put them off your house completely. And even if they are still interested, each negative has a cost to put it right – a cost they’ll try to negotiate off your asking price.

We look at your home with a fresh pair of eyes, and give you an objective view of how buyers will view your home.

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Won’t my Estate Agent tell me if something needs doing?

They might. But most estate agents will focus on the positive aspects of your home, because that’s what they’ve been trained to do. And after all, when they’re talking to a potential buyer, that’s exactly what you want them to do!

But before you get to that point you need to take a long, hard, realistic look at your home – and that’s where we can help.

Advice you can trust

The House Doctor training was set up by Ann Maurice – TV’s original House Doctor. Consultants undergo thorough training and rigorous testing before being allowed to use the title ‘House Doctor Consultant’.

We offer home staging services in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and South West London, but if your property is outside this area, you can always drop us a line and we’ll put you in touch with one of Jeanette’s colleagues.

How much does it cost?

Giving your property the edge in a competitive market can cost as little as £250! For more information about how it works see below.


Getting the Best Price

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If your home doesn’t sell after a while your estate agent will probably recommend lowering the price. And any decrease won’t be a few pounds or even a few hundred – only a drop of thousands, possibly tens of thousands, will make any difference if price is the problem.

When discussing property prices it can feel as if you’re not talking about real money. By then you may be worried, or if you need to move, or have spotted your dream home, even quite desperate. It feels like you don’t have a choice – but you do.

My house isn’t on the market yet

Talk to us about home staging before you go any further. If you follow our advice you’ll know you’ve given your home the best chance to sell from the beginning. Contact us for advice.

My house isn’t selling

It’s not too late. Talk to us now, especially if you’re being advised to lower the price, or you haven’t had many viewings. Contact us for help.

How Does it Work?

Interior Design Selling Your Home Horsham

Give us a call or send us an email and we can have a quick, informal chat about your property. Don’t worry – we don’t like high pressure sales pitches so we certainly won’t try them on you! If you are interested, we will arrange a verbal consultation at your property. The fee will depend on the size of the property, but a two to three bedroom property would be £200. The consultation will last around two hours and during that time, our Design Consultant, Jeanette Mercer, will give you detailed suggestions of the tasks needed to present the property at its best.

Some of these suggestions may involve cost, others will cost nothing but your time. Then it’s up to you – we can prepare a written report if you want one, we can arrange for all necessary work to be done – or you can do it yourself. The choice will be yours, and we will explain any costs carefully before you decide whether to accept.

Many people rank selling their home as one of life’s most stressful events. Would you like it to be over as quickly as possible?

Preparing your property to attract buyers is the best way to ensure you sell as quickly as possible and can get on with your new life. Contact us now for help.

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