Interior Design for the 21st Century

Meet the Design Coach

Interior design used to be mainly for people with very large houses and budgets to match. Now anyone can add a touch of designer flair to their property. At Fresh Traditions we’re proud to offer affordable design services for all kinds of homes.

Our screens and devices are overrun with beautiful images and sources of inspiration – the hard part is usually sifting through to what works and what you actually want in your home. Some people are full of ideas and only need a little help. Others need a service they can dip in and out of as needed through a large project.

We believe in clients knowing up front what our fees will be, and in being flexible when client needs change. So we decided to simplify things.

Meet the Design Coach – interior design services for the 21st Century! Like other kinds of coaching, you choose how much and how often you need help. No ‘project fees’ or percentages, you just pay for time to use as you need.

New clients begin with an ‘Intensive Consultation’ – 5 hours, some in your home, some as support via phone or online tools.

This initial package costs £250 (including VAT)

After that you simply  access our design advice and support at an hourly rate – as much or as little as you need.

Hourly rate is £60 (including VAT) per hour.

We can spend the time in your home, working together remotely for example to create visuals, or out and about, for example if you want help with larger purchases.

Interior Design Bedrooms Horsham

Why use an Interior Designer?

Our clients have many different reasons for using our interior design services, here are some of them:

  • For inspiration – you know you want something different, but you don’t know quite what.
  • To tie a scheme together – many people find individual items they like but are unsure how to make all the elements of a room work together.
  • To source interesting and unusual products.
  • To help plan. Mistakes can be expensive and wasteful.
  • To save money – yes really – see above!