Interior Design

Why use an Interior Designer?

Our clients have many different reasons for using us, here are some of them:

  • Interior Design – For inspiration – you know you want something different, but you don’t know quite what.
  • Interior Design – To tie a scheme together – many people find individual items they like but are unsure how to make all the elements of a room work together.
  • Interior design – To source interesting and unusual products.
  • Interior Design – To help plan. Mistakes can be expensive and wasteful.
  • Interior Design – To save money – yes really – see above!
  • Interior Design – To project manage, when life is busy or you want the end result without the hassle.

How does it work?

Call us for a chat, and we’ll ask some questions about what you’re looking to achieve. The next stage is for our Interior Designer, Jeanette Mercer, to visit your property. We offer two types of initial consultation:

  • A short, free visit if you live within 20 miles of Horsham. This is for us to meet, get to know your needs and see your property.
  • A paid consultation – this is an in-depth 2 -3 hour visit where we can start looking at solutions, talk through lots of ideas, colour schemes (if appropriate). The cost for this is £150- £200 (including VAT). For clients who already have lots have ideas but are unsure about how to tie it together, this may be all you need.

Warning – Not many businesses can afford to work for free! So if you see wording like ‘free design service’ it means the fees are incorporated into their prices in some other way.

Interior Design Bedrooms Horsham

How much does a design cost?

Possibly less than you think!

We usually charge a design fee. This is based on an estimate of how much time and work we need to put into your project. Once we’ve made an initial visit to your home, we will put together a quote for you. We will offer you several service options and only include services we believe you need.

For example, most projects will include a mood board, which is a board with fabric and paint samples, pictures and perhaps simple sketches, to help you visualise the design. Some projects need detailed scale drawings, showing the positions of furniture and fittings, or a lighting plan, but others don’t.

Colour Consultations start from £75

Our design fees start from £350 (including VAT)

Once we have created your design, it’s up to you how much help you need. Please see our services page for details of the services we offer.