Not a football fan? Get creative instead!

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If, like me, you’re not really a football fan but the rest of the family are camped out in front of EURO2016, why not use the time to get creative?

When faced with the prospect of hours of televised football, I’ve realised I have three options – grumble about it, go out or find something else to do.

Grumbling about it doesn’t really achieve anything, other than put me in a bad mood. Going out is an option sometimes, but not many of us want to go out every night for the next month, so that leaves option three. Although I run a design business, I still find myself short of time for my own creative projects. But I’ve realised that all those 2 – 3 hour slots (match, half time, warm up, post match dissection….) are an ideal opportunity for me to have some creative time and some fun.

So if you’d like the brownie points for not moaning the football’s on (again) and the satisfaction of getting some home projects going, join me over the next few weeks to look at different creative projects.

But where to start, what shall I do? Well, for the experienced and newly wanna-be creatives alike, where to start can be the stumbling block that means we end up doing nothing. So here’s Step One – let’s get inspired.

Even experienced artists and makers need inspiration. Professionals become good at collecting and keeping ideas for immediate or later use. There are many ways to do that, but for our first step, I’m going to focus on one of my favourites – Pinterest.

If you’re not familiar with it, Pinterest is basically like an online scrapbook. You have a profile, you create ‘boards’ and you ‘pin’ images to those boards – either from other websites, or by uploading images off your camera or computer. Like most social media you can ‘like’ and share (‘repin’) other people’s pins and they can do the same with yours.

So if you’re not already on Pinterest, tonight’s mission is to create yourself a Pinterest profile (it’s free) – by going to . And if you’re already on Pinterest, sign in and get pinning!

We can use online tools like Pinterest as a way of planning creative projects. Because pinning is so easy (positively addictive for some of us!) it’s a quick, visual way of collecting ideas – whether that’s for a room you want to decorate, a new kitchen, a craft project or even an event.

For example I started learning to needle felt last year. You can see a couple of my earliest attempts on the Facebook page I use for crafts – Fresh Made.

Needle felted bear  Needle felted pictures

They’re relatively basic, because although I’ve done arts and crafts since I was a child, this craft is new to me, and you need to start somewhere. I bought a couple of books to teach myself techniques and then I created a Pinterest board, called -unimaginatively- ‘Needle felting’, and I use that to collect images of pieces that I admire by other people. I don’t want to copy any of them, but it’s a great way of gathering inspiration when I want to start my next project. You can see my board here:

Start by thinking what you’d like to achieve. Do you want to plan an update to a room? Start a new craft? Practice existing skills like sewing or knitting but in a new way?

Whatever your goal is, create your board and start pinning – by the end of the match you’ll have a bunch of ideas ready to inspire you.

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