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Ready for a real change?

If you’re planning a big change to your property such as an extension or a major renovation, the amount of planning and the number of decisions involved can be daunting.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic DIYer or someone who wants it all taken care of for them (or somewhere in between) we can help ensure your build project is a success.

Vision & Purpose

Understanding how you want to live in the space you’re creating is perhaps the single most important factor in getting it just right. Yet so many builds are focussed around how big the space is, or how it looks from the outside.
We will help you work out what you need from the build. That will make the process of instructing an architect and getting accurate quotes from trades much easier.


We are happy to work with architects, project managers or other professionals to help you plan your build.  By looking at the interior design alongside the structural design, you can save time, money and materials re-doing and retrofitting.


A large build project involves a multitude of small decisions. And you can guarantee your choice will be needed just as you head out for the school run or have a work deadline to meet!

We can help you keep on top of the choices to be made so your trade team can focus on getting on with the job.

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