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Ready for a real change?

If you’re planning a big change to your property such as an extension or a major renovation, the amount of planning and the number of decisions to make can seem daunting. The thought of managing the wide range of different suppliers you need can be enough to put you off even starting a project.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic DIYer or someone who wants it all taken care of for them (or somewhere in between) we can help ensure your build project is a success. Here are some of the ways we can help:


We are happy to work with architects and other professionals to help you plan your build. Whilst the architect concentrates on the structure and overall aesthetics of the space, we can help you plan how you will live in it once it’s built. By starting to look at the interior design alongside the structural design, you can save time, money and materials re-doing and retrofitting.


We can help create realistic budgets for large-scale projects. Seeing a project grind to a halt, or a beautiful new space stay an empty shell because the money has run out, may make interesting TV viewing, but it’s no fun when it’s your project. Any large build project will have its stresses, but worrying every time a contractor’s bill is due, is a stress you can do without.

Project management

Maybe you have the vision and the property but lack the time, or perhaps experience, to sort out all the day to day project management? We offer project management of the design phase of your project, and can work in conjunction with other professionals to manage the whole project from planning to completion.

Trade Team

We are happy to work with your suppliers, but if you don’t have them, we work with a trusted network of local trades who we are happy to introduce to you. Used to working together, our team communicate effectively and help each other to get the job done efficiently.

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