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Put something back or pay it forward…

…whatever your motives, keeping usable stuff out of landfill is ultimately good for all of us. We plan to fill this page with ideas for where and how you can dispose of unwanted items in Sussex.

If you think of anything we’ve missed, please drop us a line.

Charity shops

There are many charity shops on the high street wanting donations, but they may not all want (or be able to take) your items. For some really useful info about giving to charity shops, and to find your nearest shops try the Charity Retail Association®

Social media

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Upload a photo and tell people about your item, you never know who’s looking for what!


The Freecycle Network™ is a non profit network of groups of people giving (and getting) stuff for free in their local town. Find your nearest group.


Freegle is a network of local groups where people pass on their unwanted items for free. Find your nearest group.


If you have materials or goods related to a hobby, try looking for clubs for that hobby. Members may be happy to take stuff off your hands, or even pay for it.


It’s easy enough to set yourself up as a seller on Ebay and if you’re not bothered about the money, you can use Ebay to raise money for charity.

Magpie Recycling

Based in Brighton the Magpie Co-operative reuse and recycle a variety of goods from furniture to clothes and electrical goods. For more information see Magpie Recycling.


Based in Brighton and Hove, Emmaus are happy to accept donations of a variety of goods to help fund their work. For more information see the Emmaus website.

Horsham Matters

Horsham Matters accept donations of furniture, kitchen goods, children’s things and electricals. For more details see the Horsham Matters website.


Furnihelp are a charity who help people in need to furnish their homes. For contact details check the Furnihelp website.