Clutter, Space and Storage


Your Ideal Home

When we think of our own personal ‘ideal home’ most of us are not thinking of how we store our socks or that heap of old birthday cards left lying around!

Yet so many homes don’t reach their full potential because of clutter or lack of storage. Some spaces are badly designed, others are just over full. Few people want to actually live in a show home, where you hardly dare sit down in case you spoil the arrangement – but living with too much clutter makes it difficult to relax.

If you’re like the majority of us, your home is your most valuable asset, so why not make the most of what you’re paying for? We can provide an objective eye and use our professional design expertise to maximise your space and storage.

A consultation could be the start of living in your ideal home!

We take a 3 step approach:

Step 1 – Clutter

Few of us are cut out to be true minimalists, and modern life certainly encourages the accumulation of ‘stuff’. Having our own things around us can bring a sense of comfort and reassurance. When stuff becomes a problem, is when we stop feeling reassured by our possessions and start feeling overwhelmed by them. If you have stacks of books and magazines, but no time to read, clothes you never wear, or paperwork that depresses you just to look at it, it’s time to weed out the clutter.

Interior Design Horsham Space and Clutter - Space

Step 2 – Space

Now you’ve worked through your stuff and know what you want to keep, it’s time to look carefully at the spaces in your home. Our lives change and sometimes we don’t change our homes to match. Or we move house and just put things in the nearest equivalent room in the new house, without considering other ways to use the space. Just because you have always used a space for one purpose, doesn’t mean there are no other options. We can help you work out the best use of space in your property.

Interior Design Horsham Space and Clutter - Storage

Step 3 – Storage

The secret to keeping a clutter-free home is storage. Great storage should suit what’s being stored in it, use space efficiently and suit the room and house it’s in.

Being able to put stuff away in places meant for the purpose, is amazingly satisfying. We can help you analyse your needs and source the right kind of storage for your belongings and your home.