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“Residential interior design is all about the people who live there. Design and styling for sale, rental or guest accommodation is all about creating spaces that appeal to other people – your target market.” Jeanette Mercer

If you are one of the people who can ‘see potential’ when you look at a property, you are fortunate! Many people have trouble visualising spaces and how they could look. This is why presentation is so important when you’re selling your own home or creating spaces for others to buy, rent or stay in. We offer a full range of staging and styling services for both homeowners and property professionals to ensure the first impression is the right impression.

If you are a homeowner thinking of selling your home (or are already on the market) check out our Home Staging service. Simply put, Home Staging is the process of making your home as attractive as possible to as many potential buyers as you can, in order to sell quickly for the best price – and why wouldn’t you want to do that?! Read more

If you are a landlord, developer or owner of a small hotel and may want help creating the right impression for your target clients, take a look at the services we offer for property professionals. From inviting show flats and rental property to creating desirable guest accommodation, we can help you appeal to your ideal clients. Read more