Styling for Sale

Styling for Sale (sometimes called home staging) lies somewhere between an art and a science. It's the skill of making your home as attractive as possible to as many potential buyers as you can, in order to sell quickly for the best price.

Some people are able to see potential in a property - and they're often the ones who buy property with the intention of fixing it up or extending it. People looking to put work in usually don't want to pay the highest price for what they're buying. Estate agents will say that buyers want to 'put their own stamp' on a property. But lots of buyers have busy lives and want somewhere they feel they could move into without too much hassle - which is why styling for sale is so useful.

How much does it cost?

Giving your property the edge starts from as little as £300 for a room by room consultation and analysis. The very best time to consider styling for sale is before you put a property on the market. (Although if you have been on the market a while and nothing is happening it's worth booking a consultation before agreeing to a price drop.)

A styling for sale consultation will give you an independent view on your property and help you see what your potential buyers see. Some of our suggestions may cost you nothing but time or a little effort to implement. Others may have a cost to them - but as always, what you choose to invest will be down to you.

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Here's one we made earlier....

House Sold sign

Styling for Sale Case Study

A moderately sized 3 bedroom house in Horsham town centre. Excellent location – walkable to town centre and train station. Sensibly priced and in good general condition. As an ex-rental property it was being marketed empty and unfurnished.

Living room before staging for sale 1
Living room staged for sale

The house had been on the market a couple of months, with plenty of viewings, but no offers. Feedback from buyers repeatedly stated that the bedrooms were too small. The seller contacted us to arrange a Styling for Sale consultation. Afterwards she asked us to do the work for her, and we worked on the property within a pre-agreed budget. There were no changes to walls or floor coverings. We dressed the property to show the size and potential of its rooms.

Bedroom before home staging for sale
Guest room

Less than a week later an offer was received and accepted. The buyer commented that they “loved the decor”.

Styling for Sale works.

Bedroom 2 before staging for sale
Bedroom 2 staged for sale