Sussex Garden Dreams fabric collection

Welcome to our Sussex Garden Dreams fabric collection!

In my dreams all the flowers featured in this collection and many more grow in the garden of our Sussex home, flowering prolifically and filling the borders with year round colour. The reality is more of a work in progress, thanks to time, my refusal to directly kill slugs and bugs, and the occasional deer-related incident.

But we have many bright spots through the year and I do admire the resilience of the perennials that pop up from nothing each year in our heavy Sussex clay soil. We also have many bees, butterflies and some fascinating visiting wildlife.

I tend to draw and paint individual flowers - I love to focus on the beauty, colour or shape of an individual bloom, whether it's one I've planted or one (such as the cow parsley) which has wandered over from the neighbouring field.

I love to visit gardens and the occasional flower show, and am always on the look out for painting (and planting) inspiration in the gardens of friends and family.

This collection is growing - and if you have a favourite flower, why not drop me a suggestion on my Fresh Made Instagram account. You could also check out our Bespoke Design Service.

Cornflower photo
Verbena - pink
Clematis Jingle Bells

Fabric now available to buy

Sussex Garden Dreams collection available to buy, exclusively from Fresh Traditions!

The fabric shown here is printed on organic cotton half panama, which is suitable for cushions, curtains and blinds (not upholstery).

Price £50 per metre.

As it is printed on demand, we are able to supply it as other types of fabric if needed.

For any enquiries, including help to work out quantities you may need, or suitability of the fabric for your project, please email us: 

The Flowers

Cornflower Spring

Cornflower Spring

Inspired by the perennial cornflowers which pop up in the borders of our garden. Cornflowers are one of my favourite flowers and a joy to sketch and paint due to their interesting shapes and vibrant colours.

A room based around this colour palette would be fresh, but relaxing. (If you would like help to make this or any of our other designs work in your home, check out our Design Coach Service.)

Cornflower Spring chair cushion

Cornflower Silhouette

Cornflower Silhouette Indigo - web

Designed to work alongside Cornflower Spring, in the same colour palette, Cornflower Silhouette  is available in six coordinating colours - Indigo, Cream, Cornflower, Plum, Dark Green and Light Green.
In a more modern interior try using Cornflower Silhouette in Indigo and Cream together. If you would like exactly the right shade of cream to match your interior (or another colour altogether) check out our Fabric Personalisation Service.

Cornflower silhouette colours

Cow Parsley

Cow Parsley

A wildflower that self seeded in our garden from the neighbouring field, the Cow Parsley blooms in late spring. It has tall stems and clouds of tiny white flowers that feel like constellations of little stars.

The fresh blue of this print is the mood-lifting colour of a clear spring sky. If you love the print but the colour wouldn't quite suite your existing decor or furnishings, check out our Fabric Personalisation Service.

Cushions, clock and mug in Cow Parsley design currently available to buy in our Fresh Made Designs Facebook Shop

Cow Parsley collection


Echinacea website 3

Echinacea are another favourite flower of mine. Growing them in our garden is still more of an aspiration than reality as they keep getting eaten!
However I found plenty on a visit to a local garden and used them as the basis of this design.

I originally created the slightly darker version of the background to the right, but there are so many lovely shades of green. So this is a design that lends itself well to our Fabric Personalisation Service, to ensure it fits perfectly with your decor.

Echinacea Pink by Fresh Made Designs



When I think of magnolia I think of woodland walks and late spring days. The flowers lend themselves to watercolour sketches to try and capture the delicate colours of the petals.

As the colours are delicate I chose I deep indigo background, and it would also work well on grey.

Magnolia blossom