Sussex Garden Visitors

Welcome to our Sussex Garden Visitors pattern collection!

Meet Lottie the Badger, Amber the Fox and friends, some of whom visit our garden on a regular basis. I feel very privileged to be able to see so much wildlife at close quarters.

It's a playful, bright collection of patterns, perfect for cushions, blinds and other homewares.

Badgers in the Border

Fabric now available to buy

The Sussex Garden Visitors collection is now available to buy, exclusively from Fresh Traditions!

The fabric shown here is printed on organic cotton half panama, which is suitable for cushions, curtains and blinds (not upholstery).

Price £50 per metre.

As it is printed on demand, we are able to supply it as other types of fabric if needed,  such as velvet, waterproof canvas and upholstery fabric.

For any enquiries, including help to work out quantities you may need, or suitability of the fabric for your project, please email us: 

Home Accessories

We have a limited selection of cushions, coasters, tea towels, mugs and wooden clocks available ready to buy.

We are able to order more, but please note, unlike the fabric, this type of bespoke printing takes a few weeks as it is done in batches. So if you're spotted the perfect gift (or a treat for yourself!) get in touch soon.

For items currently in stock and available now see here

Animal cushions

The Designs

Badgers in the Border

Badger close up

Meet Lottie the Badger! Most evenings she visits our garden to munch on the nuts I leave on a ground feeder on our patio.
She approaches cautiously down the garden, her head popping up out of the re-wilded lawn every few metres to check the way is clear. Once she arrives though her nose goes into the food tray and she becomes fully engrossed, often stretching on the grass to eat in comfort.

Lottie the Badger

Badgers in the Border Homeware

Foxes in the Flower Bed

Fox Fabric

Meet Amber the Fox! Like Lottie she is a regular visitor to our garden in West Sussex and also a big fan of the nuts I leave on a ground feeder on our patio.

When I took this photo she was sitting in the grass at the end of our garden like a large dog, enjoying the sun. She's shy, and if she spots Lottie or the deer who also visit, she'll retreat and leave them to eat.

Amber the Fox

Foxes in the Flower Bed Homeware

Hares in the Hedgerow

Hare fabric closeup

I included the hare as I love them so much. Sadly we haven't seen one in the garden yet. But with fields and lots of rabbits behind our garden - I live in hope of spotting those lovely long ears one day.

Like the other members of our garden visitors collection, the hare would make a lovely blind to add a pop of colour in a kitchen, home office, bedroom or bathroom. She's also ideally suited for cushions and accessories.

Hares in the Hedgerow homeware